4. How to run WIRE Diameter

4-1. Certificate Generation

4-1-1. How to install OpenSSL library and edit your openssl.cnf
4-1-2. How to edit your certificate generation scripts
     4-1-2-1. CA.root - Certificate Authority Generation
     4-1-2-2. CA.svr - Server certificate generation script
     4-1-2-3. CA.clt - Client certificate generation script
     4-1-2-4. xpextensions - OID extensions (used by CA.clt, CA.svr) for generating random number
4-1-3. Running the certificate generation script

4-2. WIRE Diameter Configuration

WIRE Diameter configuration is relatively simple. Only 3 files need to be configured for the basic configuration. If you need WIRE Diameter to do other forms of authentication, consult the WIRE Diameter documentation. Let environment variable WIRE_BASE to be the base directory contained installed WIRE Diameter source code. $(WIRE_BASE)/configfiles will be used to collect these configuration files which are eap.nas.local.xml, eap.server.local.xml, and configuration.xml respectively. The tag name of settings is self-explained, it can be modify easily to change WIRE Diameter's behavior.

4-3. Running WIRE Diameter for the first time

If everything has been installed and configured correctly at this point, WIRE Diameter should be ready to run and authenticate users. Run WIRE Diamete by execute "eapserver" or "eapauthenctiator". As its name represented, "eapserver" should be run in server machine the other is in NAS. After these program is executed with correct settings, the Diameter channel between server and NAS will be established with a unique session-id. If you get an error message dumped or no response, recheck your settings. Make sure you configure WIRE Diameter correctly by reviewing the previous sections.