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Today, drivers rely on Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS). However, GNSS is not available in tunnels. Drivers can only rely on themselves in a tunnel. Therefore, we introduce Magnetic Vehicular Positioning (MVP), an application that can navigate drivers in GNSS denied environments, such as tunnels, underpasses, and indoor parking lots. By providing more confidence to drivers, accidents may be avoided by using our system.

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Accurate positioning in global navigation satellite system (GNSS)-denied environments, such as tunnels and underpasses, remains a challenge. Navigation systems for such environments need to strike a balance between price and precision. In this paper, we propose magnetic vehicular positioning (MVP), a navigation system that guides drivers in GNSS-denied environments. The key idea of MVP is to extract magnetic fingerprints from geomagnetic field anomalies. By comparing the measured magnetic field against a magnetic map, positioning can be achieved without GNSS signals.


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Positioning in GNSS-denied environment

The MVP positioning software automatically determines if it is in a GNSS-denied environment. It switches between the MVP and GPS modes and cycles through the operation as follows:

  • GPS Mode
  • Arrive at a GNSS-denied location
  • Switch to MVP Mode

          -Lane determination


  • Switch back to GPS mode after leaving the GNSS-denied location

*Provide lane determination and positioning for the locations (tunnels, bridges, garages) we experimented.